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On the 2nd of October in , Aeroperú made history with a frantic and .. From an unofficial translation of the accident report by the Peru. Operator: AeroPeru. Registration: N52AW Flight took off from Lima runway 15 at am for a flight to Santiago. Five minutes after . Accident location: Exact; as reported in the official accident report. +−. Leaflet | ©. by Aeroperu, crashed into the Pacific (?can, about 30 miles off the coast of Lima was attempting to return to Lima when the accident occurred.

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The aircraft’s instrumentation and systems are compromised if there is a fault, as is secondary radar – with all that implies.

Is it mandatory on the B pre-flight? After the Peruvian authorities asked for assistance, the United States Navy provided equipment to locate the underwater wreckage of the Boeing and retrieve its flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder.

Accident Case Study

After the crash, recovery crews found 9 bodies floating; the rest of the bodies had sunk with the aircraft. The altimeter appeared to be stuck. Bloom where you are planted 3.

FAA N52AW 26 Determine the contributing factors regardless of their origin, whether they result from errors associated with the pilot, mechanic, dispatcher, aeorperu traffic controller or any other participant in the operational system. Information on both of these accidents is available in this Compendium.

A common cause for a stall is that the airspeed is aeropru low: The tape was a dull silver colour and the static ports are high off the ground; none of the people who should have been involved in the handover noticed that the tape had not been removed. One-hundred nineteen had disembarked, and the remaining passengers were transferred to another Boeing after maintenance checks.


These are determined from the sequence of events, and it is not until all these factors are known, and thoroughly relort through by accident investigators, that anyone can tell which ones were decisive these will be cited in the ‘probable cause’ of the final accident report.

This was the first time that ATC had given the flight crew their groundspeed. Two were shut down in-flight, and the airplane returned to Miami.

Fear of Landing – “It must be fictitious!” Aeroperu

They were both right and they were both wrong. Remaining time on the running engines before they would have seized up was estimated to be on the order of a couple aeropeeu minutes after touchdown. This lack of situational awareness was revealed by the cockpit voice recorder transcript. This does not of course rule out other simultaneous failure modes that are computer-related. Accixent McDonnell Douglas and Airbus Industrie provide brightly colored covers that are installed over static ports during cleaning of an aircraft.

Now the pilots were really confused. Pitot system problems will then result to an aborted take-off, and static-system problems in a circuit-to-land.

Fear of Landing

It is worth considering that all of this is happening over the course of a few minutes. The cluster of 3 recent accidents is not of statistical significance.

Karran’s observation that the static ports are a single point of failure not just of the pilot’s pressure instruments, but also of the secondary radar, is accurate. The controller reported that aeriperu were at 9, feet. But the full story is by no means in yet. It can be deduced from the investigation carried out that the maintenance staff did not remove the protective adhesive tape from the static ports.


There are hundreds of distinct systems on this aircraft. Based on the FDR data, the aircraft climbed to 2, feet and then descended to 1, feet and then climbed again to 4, feet and levelled out. At this stage, they were unsure of their height, their speed, the state of their rudder and the state of their stabiliser. There was no reason why the aircraft should have been handling badly, so this must was probably a reference to the rudder ratio and mach trim alarms.

Aeroperu B Accident

AeroPeru Maintenance Service N52AW 12 Implement regulations for flights after maintenance in relation to polishing, painting or other similar work. So, the line mechanic covered the static ports with masking tape to protect them and then he cleaned and polished the fuselage, as per his instructions. Except, then, for B2, computers alone could not cause any of the other failure modes.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. But a super scary story. While returning, the captain’s airspeed and altitude indications were too high, causing an overspeed warning. Attitude determines altitude 2. I do not agree with the accident report findings. He tries to give you the facts from the source materials but maybe he got it wrong, maybe he is out of date.