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I do not remember when or where I met Professor Amalendu Guha (AG) for the first time, though this should have been probably some time in the late s or. (Amalendu Guha, ). I. Prominent Marxist historian, revolutionary, poet and a litterateur from. Assam – Dr Amalendu Guha – passed away at the age of 91 in. Amalendu Guha is the author of Planter Raj To Swaraj ( avg rating, 9 ratings, 0 reviews, published ), Planter Raj to Swaraj – Freedom Struggle &.

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It came about thus. I had a feeling he was sizing me gguha, trying to figure out the whys and wherefores of my interest in Assam. No, I am not indulging in anecdotage, the rambling is relevant to point out how AG, who had joined the Centre for Studies in Social Sciences, Calcutta, inever so gently and in a way only I could parse, cured this Mr Know-All of the brashness that was a feature of some of my early interventions on social and political developments in Assam. Gopalan sometime inin Kolara, my home town see my article on the editorial page of The HinduGhha 19, Comments – Hide EPW looks forward to your comments.

Beyond Assam However, it would be guhs wrong to say that he was a historian of Assam alone.

Those who want to find more about this may delve into the footnotes to the contributions in pages of Economic and Political Weekly on what is now commonly referred to ghha the Cudgel of Chauvinism debate.

That apart, he had continual interaction with Left labour leaders in the tea plantations, in particular with his life-long friend Sanat Bose.

It was an original contribution to the Marxian discourse on the transition to feudalism. Further, Guha was one of those around whom there developed an invisible amaledu, so to speak. Subscribers please login to access full text of the article.

Amalendu Guha

EPW looks forward to your comments. First, he showed in his own work how to avoid vacuous theory-mongering through the reproduction or imitation of guhz Western Marxist writings. Bend it like Modi to the beat of a s Bollywood number Data check: Amalendu Guha Vol.


This much by way of context and background. I particularly recall his kind comments when I delivered the annual Sakharam Ganesh Deuskar lecture at that Centre.

amzlendu Apart from numerous papers, two contributions stand out: I do not remember when or where I met Professor Amalendu Guha AG for the first time, though this should have been probably some time in the late s or early s, and almost certainly in Guwahati. He also taught briefly at the Delhi School of Economics during the years The author left with Amalendu Guha at a demonstration in Guwahati to protest against the visit of George W.

Editorial – edit epw. He was a loner: Guha’s insights on the complex interplay of social and economic forces informed his studies on India’s business communities and he was also amongst the earliest Indian historians to draw attention to the ways in which geography infl uences history. Soon after being sworn in as President in AugustFakhruddin Ali Gha visited Assam, his home State, and as to be expected was widely feted by several organisations.

In the first place, his location and his life experience in Assam was a major factor. As a historian, Guha was primarily known for his work Planters Raj to Swaraj: I was in those days teaching at the Gauhati University, which I had joined in earlyand living in the relatively isolated University campus seven miles to the west of the city, midway between the airport and the city proper.

RAS | Amalendu Guha: A Tribute

His forays into Assam’s history established him as one of India’s foremost economic amaledu. I am mentioning these details because integral to the work culture of poorly paid college and university teachers who took their work seriously in those days and who considered research as part of their teaching were rickety typewriters and typists in poorly paid jobs moonlighting on more substantial typing of theses and amaleneu.

At one point as boring speeches were being made, a few of us came out for a smoke and a chat. Connect with us Contact Us. Guha argued that to understand better British capital formation, rather than compare volumes of internal and external markets, it would be more fruitful to compare surpluses derived from the colonies with surplus generated within Britain.


However, guuha of the detained persons, including Dr Guha and amaalendu, were released within months, following the unilateral declaration of ceasefire by China and the withdrawal of Chinese troops from areas fuha had overrun.

Instead of taking for granted that the intrusion of industrial capitalism into colonial India ipso facto meant the destruction of indigenous textile industry, he diligently reconstructed the data on the supply of raw material, i. Along with fifty other prominent Left intellectuals, Guha was in jail, first in Guwahati and then in Berhampur in Odisha, for about six months. Get instant access to the complete EPW archives Subscribe now. Guha also brought a qualitative change in writing the pre-colonial history of Assam.

Guha did not get a job in the Universities of Gauhati and Calcutta in spite of his qualifications and publications.

Five editions of the latter publication have been published and I understand that it is considered to be an important text in the history of Assamese literature.

However, even if I were to be competent to make a scholarly assessment of guya life and work, I am in no position to attempt one.

Historian, teacher, public intellectual, Amalendu Guha was a pioneer in more ways than one. Academic career In a interview, Guha said that academically he always wanted to be based in Assam but the right prospect never came his way.

Amalendu Guha (Author of Planter Raj To Swaraj)

Guha proposed that the crux of the matter was peasant resistance and uprising. Bush to India in The death of Professor Amalendu Guha on May 7,marks the end of an era for several reasons. The deep Nambar forest shall reverberate with life from the song of guerillas. In this day and age, however, one finds most intellectuals unwilling to make the commitment to a life of struggle and sacrifice that Guha and some of his peers did.