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I think I shut my eyes out of sheer sympathetic embarrassment. Black Poets Speak Out. Five members of the workshop backed him up…. But in another dimension, on the other side of that mirror known as The Savage DetectivesSantiago Papasquiaro is called Ulises Lima.

A dream that at least every hundred years is dreamt arfe. A new, unread, unused book in perfect condition with no missing or damaged pages. The end of class was surprising. I cannot allow you to read that here; this is an educational establishment….

The arrival of the poet as an Avenging Angel who comes to announce the end: As he himself writes: They wrote from the streets, not from drawing rooms and lecture halls.

Iturralde, Dean of the College, said: That poet is less known than Mario Santiago Papasquiaro. Sign in for more lists.

Reprise: Infrarrealistas | Chicago Review

But ghosts sometimes appear. His morality, that is, the code with which he ruled his behavior, is basically of a literary origin: It was clearly a hostile visit, hostile but somehow propagandistic and proselytizing too.

The harbors of the universe are burning. See all condition definitions – opens in a new window or tab They attacked the institutionalized pieties of intellectual abstraction with raw physicality and psychedelic vision. Many years passed and the works of Santiago Papasquiaro have happily started to be better known. According to Santiago, the Infrarrealists were “[r]adical vagabonds, fugitives from the bourgeois university” and state-sanctioned culture.


He wandered through the labyrinths of Mexico City for days on end, always writing—in the margins of borrowed and stolen books, on the covers of magazines, on the edges of receipts, used napkins, and paper bags—on any available surface, however impermanent.

Or maybe they are. A reading coming not from literary criticism, but from art criticism.

All those pages, amusing and desolate, trace the perimeter of an absent poem: However, it would be irresponsible not to warn them, the workshop students: He pulled some smudged, crumpled sheets from his jacket pocket.

The scene is the same though mirrored. In the meantime Santiago Papasquiaro, who was neither the Antichrist nor the Avenging Angel, remains more and more the antecedent of something that may never happen: And precisely in their incorrectness lies their value. There is no God. They not only describe other absent texts but they seem to be telling us the same despite dealing with narratives seemingly distant, both temporally and aesthetically. Yes, the Infrarealists have more similarities with the artistic groups of the s than with their fellow poets, above all in their self-conception as cultural guerrillas.

Learn more – papasquirao in a new window or tab. All the books that he held in his arms he used as notebooks to scribble verses, phrases, poems.

Santiago Papasquiaro, Mario

But over that physiognomy prevailed a forehead with rare greatness and majesty, as if illumined by something extraordinary. I began years back asking about him in bookstores and wound up in his house, rummaging through his papers and books, reading his manuscripts, nasura between deception and astonishment.

Iturralde, Dean of the College, said:. Certainly Santiago Papasquiaro is not Ulises Lima. Add to watch list Add to wish list. Back to home page Return to top. In this essay I take a few fragments of the prologue I wrote for that anthology and I bashra a long coda that, one never knows, could be the prologue to another prologue: As a result, much of Santiago’s work exists only in fragments.


In the mid-nineties, he released the only two books to be published during his lifetime, Eternal Kiss and Swan’s Howlboth under his own imprint, East of Eden. The distance we logged together is, in some way, history, and it remains.

Santiago Papasquiaro, Mario [WorldCat Identities]

There are texts that make visible the absence of other texts, that make us feel them missing: What I read in the description of the reading of these texts now made impossible is a recurrent dream of Mexican poetry: If you don’t follow our item condition policy for returnsyou may not receive a full refund.

A rabid clamor arose that dissolved in altercations and disputes. What follows is a discussion between the members of the Academy where two sides distinguish themselves: In Their Own Words. As far as I was concerned, this was the latter. The unexpected explosion of a bomb, the appearance of a monster, the basurz collapse of the ceiling, would not have produced a greater commotion.

So we are free to imagine it however it is that we imagine the most marvelous text. Descriptions of an apocalypse or a new poetic birth that should have happened and did not happen.