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Purpose: To screen, diagnosis and evaluate early development Age: Birth to years Time: Full BDI: hours; Screening Test: minutes The Battelle. Learn how the Battelle Developmental Inventory Assessment is used to test for developmental delays and learning disabilities in young. Agenda. ▫Overview of BDI ▫Demonstrations and Structured Group. Practice. ▫ Common Administration Errors. ▫Scoring the Protocol.

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If the BDI has good predictive validity, then it provides a basis on which decisions are made by predicting outcomes and future unventory. Smith 18 tested 30 typically developing preschool children aged 3 years 11 months to 6 years 2 months using the BDI cognitive domain, the Stanford-Binet Intelli-gence Scale, 27 and the Kaufman Assessment Battery.

It is possible to profile domain and subdomain scores and compare strengths and weaknesses in various areas. Tests and Measurements All Journals search input. Developmentak availability of 3 test formats increases the likelihood that children receive the highest possible score for all skills they can perform.

The kit includes all the BDI-2 manipulatives, Spanish presentation cards, and workbook pages needed to administer the test. Another problem with BDI scoring is that procedures recommended to calculate extreme scores of children who have severe and profound disabilities do not appear to be adequate.

The items are scored on a 3-point system. Thank you for submitting a comment on this article. They concluded that interpretations and decisions based on BDI results are limited in the area of future social-behavioral development.

For children under 24 months of age, it appears there are 3 general factors which the manual does not specifyso it is important to administer the entire BDI to children under 2 years of age. In addition to covering the 5 areas of development listed in the law, an advantage of the BDI is that it covers an age range from birth to 8 years, which is a wider range than that of many other tests that can be used with infants.


The use of the Battelle Developmental Inventory in the prediction of later development. Email alerts New issue alert.

Battelle Developmental Inventory, Second Edition (BDI-2) – Nelson Assessment

The lower correlation between the total BDI scores and the muscle decelopmental subdomain was attributed to an item ceiling, in which all children received the highest possible score for all items at 18 months of age, which restricted the size of the correlation.

They found that the BDI accurately identified only 13 of the 35 subjects without disabilities, with 22 children referred for further testing.

Correlations were high and positive for total BDI scores against 30 subdomain categories, providing support for the belief that a child’s performance should be consistent across domains. The standardizing process of the BDI consisted of testing a norming sample of children, decelopmental approximately children 50 male and devleopmental female at each 1-year age level from birth to 8 years. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

Battelle Developmental Inventory™, Second Edition Normative Update

When children were tested at age 3 developmentao and older, correlations remained stable; for example, Pearson product-moment correlations between BDI-computed DQ total scores at ages 3, 4, 5, and 6 years and corresponding WJR-ACH Broad Knowledge scores at ages fevelopmental, 10, 11, and 12 years were.

The authors corrected this error in the printing of the BDI manual, so it is important to know which publication of the test is being used.

The complete battery includes multiple formats: McLean and colleagues 48 studied 65 children aged 7 to 72 months. These profiles can be used to help determine whether a child’s deficit is due to weaknesses in all areas of development or in one specific area such as fine motor skills. Hands On Bathelle manipulatives and colorful test items keep children engaged.


The wide age range facilitates longitudinal comparisons of the same measure over a longer period of time than is possible with most other tests. Snyder et al 12 tested 78 children with severe disabilities and, using generalizability theory, estimated internal consistency reliability to be.

Battelle Developmental Inventory, Second Edition (BDI-2)

Boyd et al 15 found Pearson product-moment correlations of. The scoring process is complicated, particularly establishing and scoring basal levels. Eligibility criteria are defined by each state, but they typically include documentation of delay in one or more areas of development listed in the federal law, including cognitive, adaptive self-helpphysical eg, gross and fine motorcommunication, and social-emotional development.

The results were supported by another study of 70 children with disabilities under 30 months of age in which correlations between the Bayley Scale and BDI scores, using canonical analyses, ranged from. Validity Validity refers to the degree to which a meaningful interpretation can be inferred from a test.

McLean and colleagues 11 found interrater reliability to be. Bttelle at these lower age ranges, because young children’s development can be so rapid, the wide age spans can cause age-related discontinuities. The relatively long administration time, however, could be a drawback for repeated measurements across a population of children. Developmentak score of 1 means the child attempted the item but did not meet all criteria.