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P/N C DS Programming. DSXi Panel Wiring & . Revision incorporates a “Fire Walk Test” to allow the manual testing of all fire zones in. View and Download Bosch DS operating instructions online. DS Control Units pdf manual download. Bosch DSXi Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Bosch DSXi Reference Manual.

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Keypad Assignment Programming Program Addresses It is here where you determine the path where the History and Archive databases are located.

Operation Manual – Bosch Security Systems

The abort command will cause the control panel to remain on-line a few minutes before it times out. The default of the filter is the account you are currently using. Open Program Manager Explorer in Windows These are your sole remedies for any manua of warranty.

Choose the [Cancel] command to return to the original Find Account window.

Zone system Walk Test You cannot delete a user of equal or greater authority than your own. It is here where you complete all the programming information concerning this Account. Each individual record manuall list various information describing each user for a detailed description of a User record, see Section 4.

This command will call-up a blank Edit Template – New Template window. Each individual account record keeps track of various general and programming information specific to the control panel for that account. The Sounder Test is activated. From here you will fill in all the necessary general information for this new Template. If an incoming call from a control panel does not have an existing account, kanual will create its own account; therefore the requirements in item 1 above will not have to be met.


The control panel must either be programmed to answer the phone, or someone must be on site to cause it to answer from a keypad command. Program Addresses, By entering one of the above fields, a number of Accounts will move to the front of the Account database that have values for that field.

This field may be used for any additional notes you may have concerning this User. If this is the first time the control panel will be contacted from WDSRP, the agency and remote codes in the panel will be blank; therefore, these codes will not be required in the account database for this initial bsoch.

Choose the [Insert New] command from the right hand column command buttons. This command will save all of the changes and keep you at the Edit Account screen if more editing is needed. Programming Manuxl Address Page 19 Once you have completed the necessary editing, choose one of the three commands to save or cancel these editions.

For a detailed description of a template record, see Section 4.

Bosch DS Dépliant – Pagina 1 di 2 |

Copyright laws or any other Federal or state law. These numbers uniquely identify this control panel to the Central Station. From this window you may enter and edit all necessary information. Use answering machine override or manually seize the line.

During a Fire Trouble, the keypad sounders will pulse once. If the battery is defective, the system. This can save a significate amount of time when generating reports.


Bosch DS7400 Operating Instructions

The Set Authority Levels window for that particular item will appear. Choosing this command will allow you to create a new Template using no initial data.

From here you may edit the system-wide general operating parameters. The Account database may be organized according d7400 the following: It is only to be used in the event of your system having software or janual problems and a reinstallation is needed. In order for the program to accept a Template ID field entry, you must also enter the Equipment Type field. Partition Control Programming This is the address of the User.

It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. Anytime you change from direct connect to modem or from modem to direct connect, it is necessary to exit WDSRP and restart the program.

This fs7400 is used to edit the information concerning that User.


A Power Trouble can be caused by several conditions. The Status command will call up the Current Panel Status window. Zone Function Programming Check this box if you wish alert tones to be sounded at your PC. The Bosh Initial Template Data window will appear. It is here where you complete all the programming information concerning this template.