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fastest supercharged C7s, C7 Z06s, C6s and IRS C5 all run ProChargers. around the world specializing in installing and fine-tuning the supercharger system. C7 Forced Induction/Nitrous – Looking for C7 Procharger install – Hello again, I’ve got a c7 z51 that I’m looking to put a Procharger on. release of the + C7 Corvette ProCharger Supercharger System. So here we go the easiest Corvette supercharger system install we have ever offered.

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Question Of The Week: He started off with his own head and cylinder porting shop, moved to working for Holley Performance, then going back to the porting industry, to only finally leave to do it all on his own again in I called a couple inetallation small shops in northern Colorado who said they’d do it but had never done one before!

C7 Technology

Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Find More Posts by robert miller. The steering rack is pushed up to gain access to the crankshaft balancer bolt.

Using a patented crank pulley design, we are able to secure a 8. You would not know it had a mod until you floored it. Once the intercooler was secured to the mounting brackets, the intercooler surge tube was reinstalled along with the ambient air temperature sensor. In order to gain access to the crankshaft balancer bolt, the bolts ;rocharger the ABS bracket, K-member, sway bar, and steering rack need to be removed so that a pry bar can be used to separate the K-member from installatiln frame.


Thanked 1, Times in Posts. Shoot it even needs vents to let all that hot air the horsepower creates exit the engine bay: With the hood open and bumper removed, Ryne’s shop removed the entire factory air inlet system, PCV hose, MAF harness, wheel liners, and brake cooling duct bolts in preparation to lower the radiator.

When we asked Ryne what impact this has on the performance of the kit, he responded: In stock form, the Z51 equipped C7 produced Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait.

Robbie call Corvette Connection here in Denver and talk to Rich.

This not only speeds up the install, but it also ensures that all factory braking, cooling, and oiling systems on the car work just as GM intended. With lots of our customers, the cars that they bring to us for performance work are already very fast.

Looking for C7 Procharger install

With a mile long wait list reported by GM as up to a full year for some models of the C7 Stingray, the demand for these vehicles far outweighs their supply. RMCR did it while I waited, let me take video, sent me the dyno run files, etc.

The ProCharger crank pulley works by using a system of “cam-locks” to securely grip the factory balancer, taking the load off the crank bolt, and ensuring years of service without worry.

Thanked Times in Posts.

Driving the C7 with all of its new found power is extremely noticeable, but only when you want it to be. Skip to main content.


Procharger F1A C7 Z06 HP Built at Redline Speed Worx (RSW) – Redline Speed Worx

Since then BTR has developed a very strong reputation for producing some of the best performing hardware, especially for the GM V8 application.

My problem is that I live in the middle of nowhere NE Wyoming. procharter

The radiator is attached using zip ties so prcoharger it can be moved around inside the engine bay without needing to remove it and drain the cooling system. No matter what options your C7 has, ProCharger has a kit with options that will meet your needs.

Installing the ProCharger Supercharger Kit.

With our baseline established, we moved forward with our build. If you get what you are looking to get on the install and tune that money believe me will be well spend. The bracket that comes from ProCharger requires special attention to detail when installing to ensure that the three different length standoffs are installed in the right order. As always, more power can be had from the base system, with custom tuning from your dealer or tuning shop.

As part of the installation, the various radiator bolts and their corresponding plastic shroud bolts need to be removed while keeping the radiator in the car.