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Choose and determine which version of California Dreaming chords and tabs by Michael Chapdelaine you can play. Last updated on Michael Chapdelaine + California Dreaming guitar pro | Guitar Tabs Archive. California Dreaming (arr. Michael Chapdelaine) Guitar PRO tab by The Mamas and the Papas, download gtp file.

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Man, if you can learn to play that song like Michael my hat’s off to you! Find all posts by 6L6.

The good news is that you don’t have to get too fancy to play something that sounds close enough. Originally Posted by Riverwolf. Originally Posted by ljguitar Hi Riverwolf This TAB seems ok to me. Told myself if I can learn just one hard to me song then I will accept that I am going to stick with it this time, and finally pay for some good lessons.

Again thanks, I did a long search here on this site but came up chapdelain.

Michael Chapdelaine – California Dreamin

I use the intro in place of the flute solo when doing this with a single guitar and no other instruments. He’s in Amin relative to the capo if that helps I put together a video using a few photos I had available so I could post it on YouTube. I think the intro is right as it sounds pretty good when played. And yes I know, if I started the lessons now then the teacher could just show me.


A few years, I put together a pretty mediocre recording for someone on a forum to show how I would do this. I also hit multiple strings with the pick regularly to try to get more of the feel of the two guitars in the original recording.

BUT, I cannot seem to find micyael tab on a single 6 string guitar intro. I must have watched several hundred youtube videos and printed out a ton of tab.

Find all posts dreamij Danno. All times are GMT Find all posts by tamiller Originally Posted by ljguitar. That Michael Chapdelaine version is incredible, in that he’s able to get the syncopated feel of the two guitars with only one guitar well, the whole thing is great, but the intro blew me away.

Find all posts by mchalebk. Find all posts by Riverwolf. Originally Posted by Riverwolf Hello all, and thanks in advance for all replies, I am one of those members trapped in “perpetual beginnerdom”, and thinking it is time to break out. Yes, that tab looks pretty similar to what I do for this intro.


Michael Chapdelaine – California Dreamin – video dailymotion

It ain’t much, but I thought you might find some value in it. Dan C Holloway does a nice job with this song.

Song is “California Dreamin”. By the way, I did it capo 3, so it’s a half step below the original.

Find all posts by ljguitar. San Francisco, CA Posts: Find all posts by Westy. But that is not my deal. Just because you’ve argued till a discussion turns silent doesn’t mean you have convinced anyone. It seems that no two sites agree on anything after the first 11 notes.

Hello all, and thanks in advance for all replies, I am one of those members trapped in “perpetual beginnerdom”, and thinking it is time to break out.