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The object of Condottiere is to acquire four connected provinces in renaissance Italy. only the highest bidder loses their bid, in Condottiere every player loses their bid. The Universal Head CONDOTTIERE Rules Summary v (Apr09). In the game, each player represents a Condottiere who starts the Conquest of the seized by each player. The rules. Two sheets explaining the playing cards. Download a huge range of popular boardgame rules summaries, reference sheets and player aids at Universal.

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During a battle each player may: Conndottiere the city was already in the ownership of a player, he not only keeps the control of the city but he also receives the statue of the Condottiere. At the end of each battle, all the cards put by players, who won or not the battle, are removed.

He may eventually conquer the city if, rulee the end of the battle, he has the strongest army. Two sheets explaining the playing cards.

A game board representing Italy in the time of Renaissance. Its ownership indicates on each turn the player who chooses the place of the next battle. Course of a battle. A player without cards. If there is no winner and the city belonged to nobody, the player owning the Condottiere before the battle, keeps condottifre.

Condottere Card those are decoys to lure the ennemy! The other players continue without him. Each player chooses one colour of towers and puts them in front of him, out of the game board.

The strength of your army will certainly not be sufficient: With 2 players, six cities in adjacent regions.


At the end of cnodottiere battle, a player may discard all the cards he still has if he has no more Mercenary cards in his hand. To discard is never an obligation.


Fearsome strategists and highly skill men-at-arms, Condottieri will not content with hiring their know-how and their troops for a long condottlere. In a game with 4, 5 or 6 players, the game ends as soon as at the end of a battle a player controls 4 cities in adjacent regions. After all, is he not the winner? He places the statue of Condottiere in front of him. In that case, he says “I pass” and he cannot put any more card before the next battle.

The value of Rulea cards from the player which he has or will put during the battle are multiplied by two. In the case of a Bishop card or if two players or more are tie, or if no player participate to the battle, the conquest of the city is a failure. Winter Cards the harshness of cold, the famine, concottiere low visibility reduce the capabilities of soldiers.

Condottiere | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

It is never possible to exchange a Scarecrow card against an Heroine card or an other special card. He gives back his remaining ccondottiere which are shuffled with the others.

If a Bishop card is played the battle is immediately ended but the forces in presence are not counted. It is important not to forget that if a player is alone to play to put cardhe may add as many cards as he wishes as long as he does not say “I pass”. Those values may be modified vondottiere special card which follow. Their value goes from 1 to A new round begins and so on until a player wins. Surrender Cards when a player puts this card, he immediately stops the battle because the city surrenders.

The game board is put in the centre of the table. If the city was already owned by a player, ckndottiere remains in his ownership whatever the value of his army at the moment when the Bishop card is played. The box of Condottiere is composed of: Battles are solved with the help of cards that players lay down on the table one by one in front of them.

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But take care, you are not alone!

A round ends when after a battle, there is only one player to have cards. Each player receives 10 new cards plus 2 supplementary cards for each owned city. In the case where a Winter card is played during the condottierw battle, his army will be 6 points value 3×2. The more daring from them founded new dynasties like Francesco Sforza, who seized the Duchy of Milan and Giovanni Medicis who transforms Florence in his kingdom.

It cannot be replaced by a Scarecrow card. The value of the card is added to the value of those already put. He plays first during a battle, the other players play after in clockwise order. The game may start. The city is conquered by the player owning the most powerful army at the exact moment when the Surrender card is put.

Even the Condottiere may choose to pass at the beginning of the battle. With 3 players, five cities in adjacent regions. After that the winner of each condottieree will receive it. He cannot play after that a Surrender card has been put.

It is always the Condottiere who chooses the city where the next battle will take place.