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Conquistadora,” Esmeralda Santiago’s thrilling new historical novel, follows a determined young woman to Puerto Rico in the mid 19th century. Esmeralda Santiago plays with, then capsizes, these caricatures in “ Conquistadora,” which she has set in midth-century Puerto Rico. Esmeralda Santiago (born May 17, ) is a Puerto Rican author and former actress known (Hardcover – April ); Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiage (Author) ()(review, Washington Post, 30 Jy , C-1); El sueño de América.

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Esmeralda Santiago born Sanhiago 17, is a Puerto Rican author and former actress known for her novels and memoirs. Buy the Audiobook Download: The story belongs to the main female character, Ana Conqquistadora, but does not neglect providing different aspects of life during this niche in history.

Although it is well written and keeps your interest, the characters were, to me, either unappealingly shallow or obsessively intent on achieving wealth and social status. Precisely that is what made Ana so real and conflicted. Even don Luis, whom everyone in the novel dislikes, had positive qualities — his hospitality, for example, toward the elder Argosos. With Joie DavidowMs. We see the tense relationships between the plantation owners and the slaves: Her passion for the story — for Ana and the other characters — comes through in her performance.

We both knew that the right words on a page can change a life. Ana becomes obsessed with the plantation, a grim and brutal place, no Tara, to the detriment of everyone else. I found the book relatively interesting: Freedom is a concept that evades all the characters in novel.


Ana and Ramon’s marriage deteriorates and Ramon begins fathering children with the farm’s slaves. A story of a very strong women who lives her life the way she wants, no matter what.

Esmeralda Santiago – Wikipedia

I learned that the cholera epidemic between and was part of a worldwide pandemic. I loved “Conquistadora” because eseralda history that’s intertwined with the fiction was prety accurate. When she meets the handsome twin brothers Ramon and Inocente Argoso, she finds a way to get there.

Christopher Columbus and subsequent conquistadores were not seeking a new world. View all 4 comments. Jul 10, Pages.

Conquistadora by Esmeralda Santiago

Oct 19, Gina rated it liked it. I spent a couple of months in San Juan back in the mids. Santiago left Puerto Rico at a very early age, perhaps I’m wrong but I perceive she has a more “American” mentality than those of us who are Islanders.

Epic in scope and set in ‘s Puerto Rico, this book is rich with fully imagined characters in a vibrant setting. Aug 29, Beverly rated it it was ok.


I was particularly interested in what work people might have performed, what their lives might have been like. What is it that draws these two characters of very different backgrounds to Puerto Esmeraldda What new stories about the island did you discover? This one seems to have all the ingredients needed for a real page-turner: But Ana leads the large plantation to success, employing more than seventy-five workers — many of them slaves.

Once there, through hard work, determination, and a relentless focus on success at any cost, she battles to turn their Hacienda los Gemellos into a successful sugar plantation. Thanks for telling us about the santisgo. It was challenging to find information about the slaves in Puerto Rico because they left no written record.


It’s just good business.

Esmeralda Santiago

That said, I needed to know what happened to all of them. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. But eantiago of what I was working on, mi gente— my people—filled the silences between other work, other worlds, other words.

She was very guarded and had trouble displaying affection to anyone who loved her. Purest of the historical genre will likely enjoy the lyrical voice of Esmeralda Santiago. I was really looking forward to reading this book being as it was about my fellow Puerto Ricans but I was so disappointed. And that’s why she’s good. Bottom Li So not impressed.

Santiago does a fabulous conquistacora portraying the hardships of the slaves. You need to be wantiago little bit crazy to give yourself entirely to create anything new, let alone art.

Who loves whom and who is having sex with whom and how is a big part of the story. Santiago is coeditor of the anthologies, Las Christmas: She is not always a likeable person; she can be tactless, single-minded, demanding and stubborn. There is no need to keep this one in your personal home library.