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We chose this topic because we are all interested in multimedia signal processing. He can press the button and starts recording the audio signal in a wave file.

The signal could be manipulated in the microcontroller. The overall design block of this system is shows as follows. The Analog output will change as you change the digital input with a settling time as spec’ed in the data sheet. This can work but is not a good idea. Will the output at Vout terminal from IC will have appropriate analog voltage, immediately as I change the digital number at PIC port pins?

ECE Final Project

The console program is stored in the “ConsoleApplication. Finally, since we spent so much to search for some extensively used algorithms in digital audio signal processing, the simulation of sound effects is really successful. The right panel is effect control and volume control panel.

The signal will be propagated to dqc808 digital-to-analog converter chip DAC to be transferred into analog format. Setting the upper threshold and lower threshold to the voice signal can filter the noise generated by the sine wave when there is no voice signal. We also believe that with a higher budget, datasheeh could accomplish this part in the future to improve our system. Moreover, we will give out all the credits to their valuable contributions.


And do put them close to the power pins. Look at the DAC data sheet and the example circuit in figure 1. The conversion rate is up to 15, samples at maximum per second. Unfortunately, this prevents the program to process the audio data from the microcontroller; and therefore dataheet background thread was created.

How to use a DAC with the arduino

Once the Java application is launched, it creates a sub-process to execute the console program. So the internal ADC suits for our system requirement.

The ranges of music and voice volumes are 0 to The following is the user interface of our program. The multimedia system simply outputs the mixed signals.

We help and supervise with each other to make sure our behaviors to follow this code of ethics. In this way, the voice will sound like a patient speaking very softly.

The accuracy of the ADC is shown in Figure 7.

Clarification on Digital to analog conversion

So it is accurate. The timeout configuration for the serial port is set to infinity, so that the receive command of the serial port only returns when there is data received from the microcontroller. This sleep makes sure that the console program exits before the Java application being closed.

Once the data is available, the thread appends the audio data into the wave file if it is required. Our design does not cause any harmful effects to others, their property, reputation, or employment by unlawful action; 9.


This data structure is set as below: The cap to pin 16 is nF in the example, are you sure 15pF is large enough? Is that supposed to be a separate power supply with common ground with 5V supply earlier?

When the software exits, it call CloseFile to release the serial port. He should run “startgui. Also we used the timers to control the sampling frequency of voice and music signals as well as mixed signal output. I will try that out and will revert back.

The Java application on top of the console program is to provide graphical user interface for the multimedia system and the useful operations such as displaying the voice waveform, recording the voice in a wave file and sending an email attached with the wave file. The final project is a good experience for us to integrate datasehet the knowledge that we gained in this course and some other related courses.

Since the ideas and implementation of our project hardware are solely our own, there should not be any trademark, patent, or copyright infringement issues. The audio signal will be shown on the wave display panel, and the panel is updated by a software timer every 1 second. The voice output signal is generated by averaging 16 previous voice input signals.