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One of my most intelligent students last semester told me that he’s always had a hard time getting into David Foster Wallace because he feels. 1. David Foster Wallace’s most recent book presents itself as a collection of stories, but you don’t have to read very far to discover that. David Foster Wallace (February 21, – September 12, ) was an American writer and . and footnotes, as in Infinite Jest and the story “Octet” ( collected in Brief Interviews with Hideous Men) and most of his non-fiction after

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Academics explain David Foster Wallace to me. First, the flyers were defaced. This was mid-October — post-Weinstein, pre-C. Wallace taught at ISU for nearly a decade; he wrote almost all his major works there, including the behemoth Infinite Jest.

Academics explain David Foster Wallace to me

Davir stuff had been public knowledge for years all of the above is drawn from D. Edel, a big, soft-voiced Chicagoan with thick glasses and a graying beard, spent five years as a military linguist before going to ISU to get his Ph. As a general rule, conference chairs are experts in their field: Edel, in contrast, had barely heard of Wallace when he took on the job in Maybe the monocled bone-bags over in Wllace Studies would scoff at a question like that, and start pompously discoursing on the need to situate writers in their original context.

The question is thornier with Wallace than it would be for most of his contemporaries. Plenty of people love the novels of Jeffrey Eugenides — but how many of them ocyet Jeffrey Eugenides? This Wallace was self-aware, morally engaged, alert to hypocrisy especially his ownand deliriously funny. This year, I was among them.


David Foster Wallace – Wikipedia

The building was so big you barely noticed the conference: About 50 people were there, but in a space designed for thousands of students, they did make a crowd. Only crammed into the classrooms did we feel like a genuine audience, though this feeling applied only to those classrooms hosting popular talks.

I should say that these Ph. Ds were all funny and self-aware about their weakness for jargon, and that, like journalists or fiction writers or anyone engaged passionately in a field deemed more or less valueless by society at large they were all hilariously forthright on the abasements of academia.

But also, only maybe 65 percent of the conference attendees were academics, a number closer to percent at many other lit conferences. The Wallace conference was not, in fact, 40 men in bandanas talking over each other. The closest thing I saw to a Wallace bro at the conference barely fit the description: On occasion I spotted him kind of tenderly rubbing the book up and down its fore edge in a way that verged on obscene.

And so when this guy told me that the author Clare Hayes-Brady, a lecturer in American literature at the University College Dublin, was a rockstar in the world of Wallace Studies, I was inclined to believe him. The debate is everywhere: Hayes-Brady fell decisively on the engage side of things.

I thought these concepts were compelling, and mostly persuasive, but then I would think that, as would everyone else in the room. There were about 20 of us there in the classroom, not counting the documentary crew and the couple dozen people watching from home via livestream. So I asked Wendy to replace me.

With that established, Wendy related her come-to-Wallace moment. It was two years ago, when she was 24 and running a Cambridge Analytica-stye data-mining startup in Silicon Valley. From there she promptly read everything else Wallace had written. Do you think David Foster Wallace was a misogynist writer? Bucher continued with unrelenting seriousness.


There was a bookstore in Maine that pulled his books off the shelf. Throw DFW in the trash heap of history, right?

Like, what the fuck? Like, no no no no no. That was in college.

wwllace From then on, she hated DFW and everything he stood for: Leahy went to the conference last year as research: But then something unexpected happened. They talked about race. They talked about sexism.

They won her over. Or you can say: She started to tear up. Wallace also very nearly married her daughter, whom he dated seriously for a number of years.

And he hated pretentiousness. I think he felt very safe here. Listening to her, I had the uncanny sense having heard these stories.

I then foser I had: But this was not what the conference-goers looked like. There was real emotion in his voice, when he was questioning Liu. What he wanted to know was: But he does plan to retain some of the Wallace programming and ideally all of the Wallace scholarly community, making it, in effect, a Wallace conference in disguise — a sheet coster over the Statue, while they work out some way to restore it.

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