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La Doctoresse Hulda Clark célèbre pour avoir mis au point un appareil nommé ZAPPER et capable de fortifier le système immunitaire de l’homme, est. This is a list of frequencies that can be used with Rife machines and similar kinds of (Clark Frequencies). Dr. Clark Frequencies. The following table has been copied from the research of cellular physicist, Dr. Hulda Clark, Hertz (Hz) = cycles per second, or frequency . .. Original Rife Equipment For Sale Other sources: The information found here is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Group G tooth Sub terminal spores bac. Outside are new ideas that invite you to step over and escape your prison.

Frequency Generator (FG)

Clark’s standards for product purity. Demodex folliculorum folicle mite Dermatophagoides dust mite Meal mite Ornithonyssus bird mite k H zCopyright by Drcllark. A targeted way of zapping.

Clark and get more Information about her. By doing so, this will enable you to follow Dr. Our goal is to give you: Luckily the frequency of a parasite, of a bacterium or a virus do not overlap the frequencies of a human. The frequency generator and the zapper work on two distinctly different principles. Killing parasites, removing pollutants and clearing gallstones and kidney stones is a powerful combination of treatments.


Learn how to remove metals, solvents and toxins from your body, environment, and food. Sterilizes and cleans food and water from parasite eggs, bacteria, viruses, etc.

Scans anything inside or out of the body for parasites, bacteria, viruses, toxins, you name it. In the comfort of your home you can take a sample of your saliva and send it to a professional saliva tester to have it tested with the syncrometer for the presence of parasites, bacteria, viruses, metals etc.

La Cura Hulda Clark. Product, devices and techniques.

We are a non-profit organization and are financed in part by donations. Our services are carried out by volunteers who give freely of their time. A specific way to zap organs. A detailed description of the Syncrometer and how to use it. Did you know that we get most of our bacteria and parasites through our food? Read how to get rid of them. Welcome to the Dr. List of frequencies of Dr.

List of Research Frequencies for use with Royal Rife Equipment

Zap each desired frequency for seven minutes. Regular zapping passes mainly through our vascular and lymphatic system, reactivating feequencytable white blood cells and therefore restoring immunity.

Dare to try these new ideas and your illness promises to recede.

Organs receive their correct frequencies and get cleaned out of all toxins, by taking homeographic drops. Clark’s work will improve your health and well-being in a simple but effective manner.

A frequency pattern is incorporated into water.

Frequency Meter freq meter. Inside the lines are your old ideas. Bacteria and viruses probably need much less time.


Hulda Clark – Frequency Table – PDF Free Download

Plate-zapping is more complicated and time-consuming than regular zapping though very effective as it cleans out one organ of all its invaders at a time. If you accidentally kill middle segments instead of working your way frequencytab,e from the bottom, you may conceivably promote freauencytable Specific frequencies are inserted and can be used with square or sine wave, positive or mixed offset. The time was chosen because it always killed tapeworms, a very challenging task.

Each device and technique is explained in detail below with information and photos. We would like to ask for a small donation We are a non-profit organization and are financed in part by donations. El poder del prestigio.

Device Guide

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. Hulda Clark We are experts in Dr. Doing it yourself” Some keywords in the Clark therapy are: We would like to ask for a small donation We nft a non-profit organization and are financed in part by donations.

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