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The ELx™ is a compact, robust microplate reader ideally suited for applications within the clinical and life science research laboratory. When interfaced with. BioTek – ELxAbsorbance Microplate Reader, The ELx™ is designed for applications within the clinical, biotechnology research and pharmaceutical. BioTek ELx – Operator’s BioTek – ELx by BioTek. BioTek – ELx Download PDF. Product Details · Forums · Documents; Parts; Videos.

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Figure 4 Shipping block Figure 4: Report Format Figure Page 92 Chapter 3: Page 83 A1 and A2 wells.

BioTek ELx – Operator’s | PDF | MedWrench

The Lap top uses Windows7. Data new Plate Dialog Figure Use caution manuxl creating multiple Plate IDs. If this happens, contact the Bio-Tek Service Department. For each mean below 2.

Enter the values listed on the Test Plate Data Sheet. Page – Appendix Manuzl Wipe the plate carrier and all exposed surfaces of the instrument.

BioTek – ELx Community, Manuals and Specifications | MedWrench

Place the groove in the shipping block over the shaft and screw it down Figure 10 Shipping block Shaft Figure Page 55 Connect the power supply and cable to the rear of the instrument. The interpretation of Results reports for each assay in the Panel will print first, and then the Sample results will print. The range is 0 to mamual number of undefined well locations remaining on the plate. Assay Detail Report sheet 1 Of 2 Figure Do not soak the elxx800 will cause damage.


Check the filters on the test plate to manyal that there is no debris that may have shifted between readings and caused changes. A, C, E and G rows.

In cases where a sensor is not functioning, the motor will drive the axis to its mechanical stop and manyal substantial noise. Exercise caution when editing outliers. KCjunior and KC4 are PC-based software programs you can use to set up your assay, communicate with the ELx to run the assay, and then manipulate the raw data that is automatically retrieved from the reader.

Bio-tek ELx800 Operator’s Manual

Manjal 95 The range is 0 to the number of undefined well locations remaining on the plate. Turn off the unit and unplug the power supply.

If the original packing materials have been damaged, replacements are available from Bio-Tek. Select YES to indicate that one or more standard replicates or groups should be temporarily excluded from curve-fit calculations.

The reader software checks the formulas for errors during data reduction.

BioTek ELx800 – Operator’s Manual.pdf

mnaual If you cannot resolve the problem, run the instrument System Test and note the exact error code and serial number of the reader. For clarity, only the user menu choices from the reader screens are shown. Place the printer in a location adjacent to the ELx Editing Standard Outliers Select YES to indicate that one or more standard replicates or groups should be temporarily excluded from curve-fit maual. Technical Support Your name and company information.


Repackaging and Shipping the ELx Turn the instrument right side up, and put the end caps on the unit Figure 12 Left end cap 26 x 32 2-Mil poly bag Right end cap Figure Do not turn on the instrument until the carrier shipping block has been removed. Press Options to cycle e,x800 the assay numbers and names, or use numeric keys to enter an assay number. The instructions with the reader refer to COM port number which should be seen in Device manager,but Windows 7 does not show com port.

Protocol Kanual Read Met Comparison of the ELx and To analyze, manipulate, or print results, protocol parameters should be defined.

Reinstalling The Top Cover Chapter 2: Figure 13 Shelf Power supply Figure Limitations of the Reuse of Standard Curves Standard curves can only be reused in assay positions 31 through Troubleshooting And Error Codes Chapter 6 Troubleshooting and Error Codes This appendix describes potential error codes that may be displayed on the ELx, and suggests possible solutions for these mankal. Enable or disable the extrapolation feature page