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Find the complete list of news-values below. Click on the image below to see it clearly. Galtung and Ruge, in their seminal study in the area put. One of the best known lists of news values was drawn up by media researchers Johan Galtung and Marie. Holmboe Ruge. They analysed international news. Galtung and Ruge news theories. 1. GALTUNG AND RUGE NEWS VALUES; 2. For any story that appears in the news has to have.

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Bell suggested a division into news-intrinsic and news-extrinsic factors. On the level of the individual online opinion leader, a certain filtration process still has to take place. The example of 15Malaysia positively confirms the usefulness of such approach.

Negative media news is argued to fall into the latter category which explains their popularity. But these intermediaries are no longer gatekeepers. In Western practice, decisions on the selection and prioritization of news are made by editors on the basis of their experience and intuition, although analysis by J.

How social production transforms markets and freedom.

At some point there is a Boundary of Relevance, beyond which the change is no longer perceived to be relevant, or newsworthy. Translated by Richard Nice. Some say this news value has become distorted, and that news organisations over-rate personality stories, particularly those involving celebrities ‘Kate Middleton Goes Shopping’.

Even if people make their own films and upload them to the Internet, most of them drown in the sea of filmic content available online, never reaching a vaoues audience.

Barack and Michelle Obama are newsworthy whatever they do. Shelter in Place Zed Nelson, is a minute documentary about the devastating influence of Texan oil refineries on local communities. We have people singing songs from the project itself.

This theory tested on the news presented in four different Norwegian newspapers from the Congo and Cuba crises of July and the Cyprus crisis of March-Apriland the data are in the majority of cases found to be consistent with their theory. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The same can be said about the launch of the Web site itself or the premiere of every single film. Women have on average stronger avoidance reactions to moderately negative stimuli.


News values – Wikipedia

Albert Law said something about the way 15Malaysia approached journalists, which I think resonates well with the notion of consonance:. This view of continuity follows Manovich [ 25 ], who argued as early as that: Curran and Seaton [ 13 ] struck a similar chord when arguing that news values help journalists to turn complicated reality into ‘neat stories’ that reinforce stereotypes and established points of view.

In 15Malaysiathe filmmakers communicated with their audiences themselves, in the first person and during the entire filmmaking process. No other such project existed. You may think of them as funky little films made by 15 Malaysian voices for the people of Malaysia [proximity].

An earlier and shorter version of this paper has been presented at the ICA Regional Conference in Brisbane and can be galtyng in the conference proceedings pp.

Opinion leaders make sense of and help their audiences maneuver around the over-abundance of cultural products online Vzlues, ; Singer, Finally, subtitles make a film not only more accessible but also relevant to different audiences. Every premiere was a potential news story. Such audience building strategies are in stark contrast to what I describe as independent filmmaking.

The grand tour questions asked were:. An American film culture. The release of a film offers only one specific event. People are more interested valuss other people than in generalisations.

News Values

The project had a clear idea of its audience and the opinion leaders that have access to them. Tenner Films Vicky Lesley, ongoing is a one-person documentary production company that explores the human stories and social impact of nuclear energy.

If a news story conforms to the preconceived ideas of those covering it, then it has expectedness as an important news value. The whole thing started after the general elections and has a lot to do with the Internet — free media. The linguists Monika Bednarek and Helen Caple formulated an interesting constructivist argument about news values, which provides an excellent theoretical framework for this article: I do not engage in a discussion of the media ecosystem that transports the message from filmmaker to audiences.


Audiences supposedly relate more to stories that are close to them geographically, or involve people from their country, or those that are reported that way eg ’12 Hong Kongers aboard Australia Crash Plane’. There seems to be a news value system at work that journalists acquire in the course of their training or through socialisation Harrison, and which guides them in their news selection.

Maybe predictably, these developments also led to an explosion of available small-scale cultural content Hesmondhalgh, Film production, marketing and distribution, so it duge, became independent from the control of a few filmmaking centers, media conglomerates and gatekeeping intermediaries.

Journalists and editors also draw heavily on their experience – of what an audience expects, of what stories have had a major impact on public consciousness in the past, of what is important – and each news organisation vallues have their own system of setting a news agenda.

Each news story is reported from a galues angle or slant. Dov S-S Simens, Traditionally, most filmmakers would rely on distributors or sales agents when it comes to building audiences for their films. If a newspaper or news programme is the first and only news organisation breaking a story, then they will rate that very highly. Ga,tung in the urban centers, a young elite is forming that challenges ethnic affirmative action policies and their socio-political consequences.

But long trends, like a war, are less likely to become news — unless offering specific short-term events.