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The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram (or LBRP) is a ceremonial magic ritual devised and used by the original order of the Golden Dawn that has. In ceremonial magic, banishing refers to one or more rituals intended to remove non-physical Greater Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram; Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram; Greater Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram; The Star Ruby. Lesser Invoking Ritual of the Hexagram or Star Sapphire 3. Middle Pillar or Elevenfold Seal 4. Greater Invoking Ritual of the Pentagram for.

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The ritual as described peentagram is used as a general means of opening and closing any ritual, meditation or exercise, banishing inimical influences, invoking helpful spiritual reinforcement to the circle, and strengthening the aura. Greager I publish here is what I have found works the best for me, but I don’t have anywhere near a large enough sample size to say whether it works that way for everyone.

In fact, there are two hexagrams, one above and one reflected below. Is This a Spell?

Augoeides: The Greater Ritual of the Pentagram

And if you are working with the spirits of Mars, not the spirits of Fire, tuning the space to Fire after Mars isn’t going to help your ritual. Thank you for providing such detailed explanations! The Greater rituals of the pentagram according to alpt of the texts dealin with it, it is used to consecrate a temple space and rather than align the operator it aligns the work space of the operator to be more conductive of the work.

Worse, the reasons for taking up such pursuits in the first place have been twisted slightly, banushing later bent out of all recognition by second and third generations of occultists.

This is not to suggest ritusl the Greater Ritual of the Pentagram for Malkuth is a bad idea for daily banishin. Said Aleister Crowley, about the completion of the circle with the Archangels and pentagrams: This completes the first part of the ritual.

For a longer answer, check out my Path of Initiation articles. Yhe here to see examples of these Signs. My presentation was somewhat lightly att Trump Card Trump Cardmy terrific new satirical dystopian novel, is now available. Next, without lowering your arm, turn ninety degrees, keeping your arm straight, to the right so that you face South.


Lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram

Bringing both hands upwards and out in a wide sweep press the palms of the hands together at the brow of your head, while aspiring powerfully towards the Ineffable Glory. The deity names are sent thundering through to the Ends of the Universe and back again. Repeat the tracing of the pentagram as before, but this time vibrate the Divine Name “Adonai” as you point to the centre.

Part 1 The ritual commences with the Qabalistic Cross: I would dismiss the spirits with the license to depart, and then close with either another LBRP if I want to bind the effect into a talisman or send it out into the world to accomplish something or just another Qabalistic Cross if I want some of the effect to be anchored to my sphere of consciousness.

In the East there is the holy mountain called Meru, which has its counterpart in Abiegnus of the Rosicrucian or Western Mysteries. It really is not worth trying to make an LHP version until one knows what is going on with the original, in and out, IMO. Stand in the centre facing your mystical East. As a result it is probably the best known of all rituals.

Like different directors of a single stage play, each penttagram may choose to give emphasis to an aspect of a particular ritual that another magician might prefer to understate. Vibrate the name “Atah”, meaning “To Thine, the Essence. Hands to left shoulder: Journal of the Western Mystery Tradition No. You should now see a circle of brilliant light around you, studded with four bright flaming pentagram stars.

Finally you repeat again the Qabalistic Cross which places the flame of the Eternal in your heart, the centre of the Magical Universe.

Greater Ritual of the Pentagram

Leaving any ritual half done or mixing up bits and pieces can have unintended consequences. This is not a good thing to do, for in nature anything left empty does not stay empty for long! Holding arms up, say: The third part of the ritual proceeds with the Evocation of the Archangels. Those who court the favours of Venus should do well to remember that she is banishong depicted as riding upon one!

The same is true of the Greater Pentagram rituals. This occult -related article is a stub. The two lower points are roughly outside the left and right hips, the apex level with the crown of your head, the other two points outside the left and right shoulders.


When you perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, banishiny begin by aspiring to the highest concept you can imagine, by the vibration of Atah, “To Thou, Essence. The careful placing of symbols in the aura may not only help to calm the mind and free oneself of unwanted influences, it may all the while transform the astral-etheric structure latent in the subtle body of the practitioner into a Matrix of the Divine Image.

As well as rid the space of unwanted energies and entities. The banishign of the soul, the Nephesch, are redeemed by the Spiritual Fire, which is the formula of the recreation of the Divine World on earth, the Kingdom. The four scales of colour are a Qabalistic idea, and pertain to the Four Worlds: One then places oneself at the centre of that symbol imaginatively, while physically assuming asana.

See yourself at the centre of a great cross of white light. Liber Aleph vel CXI.


The ritual, properly performed banixhing with repeated and persistent practice, constructs a complete symbol in the aura or Sphere of Sensation of the practitioner. This Aura should be bright and resilient even in the case of the ordinary man. So you continue, and by the clockwise direction of your movement you evoke the Archangels, guardians drawn from the Briatic World of Creation. Formulates the Qabalistic Cross With forefinger or rituak, dagger or other instrument, trace a full-size banishing pentagram of earth in the air before you.

They are used to set up the base “field” in which you work magick, even when you are working from more traditional methods than my operant field technique. It seems a lot more logical to me that when you are invoking energies of whatever sort you want the channel of manifestation, the flow of mezla, or however you want to think about it to be open rather than closed. Next place your hands to your left shoulder vibrating “Ve Gedulah”, meaning “Magnificence”.

It might also be borne in mind that the “five” is a symbol of the hand or womb of the Goddess filled ths creative fire, pentagrma feminine power that manifests the Will. It should appear flaming, very bright.