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English Translation, Synonyms, Definitions and Usage Examples of Spanish Word ‘hiperdinamia uterina’. NOMBRE: FLOR SUSANA TENENUELA CEPEDA PREGUNTAS DE HIPODINAMIAS ¿DESCRIBA LAS CARACTERISTICA DE LA CONTRACCION UTERINA?. Hipodinamia Uterina Terminado. Uploaded by. LizsavelSV · RCP PEDIATRICO. Uploaded by. LizsavelSV · Manejo Activo de Trabajo de Parto. Uploaded by.

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Proceedings of the 5th World Buff Congress Italy. One or two cuts applied on uyerina cervix are usually sufficient to deliver the calf. Rotation of the fetus per vaginum is possible only in mild degrees of torsion where the obstetricians hand can touch the fetus and sufficient fluids are present in the uterus [55,77]. Recent Advances in Animal Reproduction and Gynaeoclogy.

Cervical non-dilation in buffaloes. Moreover, uteruna 2-adrenergic drugs would reduce uterine contractions and hence delay parturition.

Therapy for uferina management includes intravenous therapy with calcium borogluconate and IU of oxytocin IM utegina IV.

Reproduction in the water buffalo. WB Saunders Philadelphia ; Etiology, prepartal diagnosis and management of maternal complications of gestation in the water buffalo. Small tears are insignificant and the fetus may be delivered without much difficulty. Herniation of a lesser degree results in a first stage labor without fetal delivery. Veterinary Reproduction and Obstetrics. Clinical observations on uterine torsion in buffaloes. Clinical, haematological and biochemical findings of uterine torsion in buffaloes Bubalus bubalis.

Recent Advances in Animal Reproduction and Gynaecology. Cervical dilation failure is commonly observed in buffaloes subsequent to correction of uterine torsion and is considered a major obstacle in vaginal fetal delivery [50], especially in the presence of a dead fetus.

The vulvar lips of a buffalo. Vet Med ; Attempts to dilate the birth canal and deliver the fetuses by injecting estrogens and oxytocin usually fail and the fetus should be delivered by caesarean section [16].


Prevention of uterine adhesion formation following cesarean section in bovines. Effects of dexamethasone administration on cortisol concentration and biochemical profile in hi;odinamia suffering from dystocia.

The incidence of cervical dystocia and disorders of cervical involution in the post partum cow. The fetus can then be delivered.

Meaning of “hipersistolia” in the Portuguese dictionary

Process of parturition in buffaloes. Bubaline Theriogenology, Purohit G.

Incompletely dilated or undilated cervix is palpable through transrectal examination. The hipodianmia occurrence of the problem in buffaloes is also hypothesized to be because of a deep capacious and pendulous abdomen of buffalo [69], inherently weaker muscles of the broad ligaments [] and the wallowing habits of the buffalo [69].

Distocia y Torcion Uterina en Bufalos

Hlpodinamia of maternal plasma progesterone and estrone sulfate to dystocia hipodinaia Holstein Friesian heifers uterona cows.

Buffalo Bull ; Breeding of small sized breeds of buffaloes with breeds of larger size can result in fetuses of bigger size getting stuck in the small sized pelvis of the mother, however; this has not been documented for buffaloes. Failure of abdominal expulsive forces can occur due to painful conditions, tears in the muscles, or weak muscles as are seen in old and weak animals. Torsion of uterus may accompany intestinal obstruction [92], hemoperitoneum [64], uterine rupture [75] and formation of adhesions of uterus with surrounding viscera [93].

It is also usual to assess the type of previous handling or therapies used including previous rolling of the animal. Spontaneous vaginal rupture at parturition in a buffalo. A brief mention is made on a few of the studied parameters.

Term Bank – hipodinamia uterina – Spanish English Dictionary

The positive diagnosis of uterine torsion should thus, be based on the location of broad nipodinamia palpated per rectum. Kraft W and Drr U. The uterus quietens and the progression of the fetus out of the birth canal does not follow because of the lack of contractions in the uterus. The animal may show signs of mild discomfort.


Inducción de parto

Torsion of uterus in buffaloes in relation to incidence, etiology and treatment. Aust Vet J ; Sc Thesis; Punjab Agric. Hyperglycemia in torsion-affected buffaloes is related to activation of stress axis and increased cortisol release which leads to gluconeogenesis [99,]. Improper vaginal relaxation is evident on internal examination of the vagina.

Protrusion of gravid uterus through ruptured uternia wall in a buffalo: Haryana Vet ; Animals at many locations may be presented to the obstetrician after varying times since tuerina first onset of labor; hence, the clinical signs of shock and toxemia may be evident depending upon the severity of the torsion, previous handling, death of fetus and post-torsion complications. In spite of a longer gestation period in buffaloes to days for the river and to days for the swamp buffalo [4]lesser time is required for completion of first and second stages of labor [2,5,6] 70 and 20 minutes in river buffalo and there is a preponderance for parturition during night hours [7].

Clinical studies on problems of parturition and post parturient reproductive disorders in buffaloes. In cases of abdominal distension, the yterina must be delivered with assistance with the patient in recumbent position.

Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, ; 2: Protrusion of an ovary through a vaginal tear subsequent to replacement of a post partum uterine prolapsed in a buffalo.