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The latest Tweets from Hokky Situngkir (@quicchote). aktivis ilmu-ilmu kompleksitas sosial ꦲꦺꦴꦏ꧀ꦏ – ᮠᮧᮊ᮪ᮊᮤ – ᨖᨚᨀᨗ – 호키 – حوككي. indonesian. Maulana, Ardian and Situngkir, Hokky, Dynamics of the Corruption Eradication in Indonesia (September 12, ). Bandung Fe Institute (BFI) Working Paper. Spread of Hoax in Social Media. BFI Working Paper No. WP 7 Pages Posted: 14 May See all articles by Hokky Situngkir.

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PBI is the host organization for the budaya-indonesia. To further institutionalize the impact, Hokky and Ashoka Fellow Yohanes Surya set up Surya Research International SRIa for-profit research institution that partners with government offices and corporations to apply complex science to address current challenges. Statistical Mechanics and its ApplicationsElsevier, vol.

His academic activities include research regarding the aspects of fractal geometry in Indonesian Batik[3] mathematical aspects of Indonesian traditional folk songs and in the architecture of Borobudur[4] [5] [6] as well as Indonesian stock market analysis with econophysics alongside Indonesian senior physicist Hojky Surya. In Hokky founded Bandung Fe Institute as a non-profit entity to develop studies, public education, and empowerment in collaboration.

Indonesia needs innovation that requires diversity to enrich variations in industrial patterns, economy, and innovative technologies. Mindful that in many rural parts of Indonesia there is no online access, Hokky has a strategy to target college students to collect data on trips home, or situngkor the homes of their rural friends, and then upload them when they return to their studies.

In partnership with the Ministry of Research and Technology, Hokky has also provided the software and training to batik designers in sirungkir villages in Java. While cultural patterns persisted, traditional designs and skills were transmitted mostly orally, to a few. Sarijadi Blok 5 No. Hundreds of people who participate, mostly the younger generations, have now gained new perspectives in appreciation and preservation of situngki heritage, and innovations have emerged.


Languages Bahasa Indonesia Edit links.

It is home to over languages and ethnic groups. The increasing access to computation and information technology has opened new opportunities to create those tools. There, details are also given on how to add or correct references and citations. He was embarking on a new journey to design work for society. Hokky Situngkir, an expressive, rising young scientist, is engaging the Indonesian populace situngiir uncovering, valuing, and using its diverse cultural knowledge.

Hokky thus designed an analysis tool, which transforms the raw cultural data into useful information. The situnkgir source collection of cultural samples allows rapid data aggregation, which is then analyzed by a council of scientists, anthropologists, and other experts to build a reliable and comprehensive database of traditional designs.

About Hokky Hokky Situngkir, an expressive, rising young scientist, is engaging the Indonesian populace in uncovering, valuing, and using its diverse cultural knowledge. Views Read Edit View history.

Hokky is developing a cell-phone application feature to make it easy for people to document and directly upload to the web portal. Citations Many of the citations below have been collected in an experimental project, CitEcwhere a more detailed citation analysis can be found. Help us Corrections Found an error or omission?

The small and medium Batik enterprise association in Central Java has been introduced to and trained on the software with the hope that they can enrich their batik designs to capture new value situngkirr consumers and collectors.

Hokky is therefore developing a partnership with the Ministry of Finance to develop a situng,ir crisis management protocol. When his father started his job as a lecturer in communication in Medan, Hokky was situbgkir to attend high school and seek scientific knowledge in new ways.

Hokky Situngkir

He does this through creative use of information technology and science and the equally creative mobilization of stakeholders. As a result, information about the family, history, and distribution of Indonesian batik, now has been produced and made available to the public online. Retrieved from ” https: Through mass media outreach and presence on a national TV program, Hokky targets students from high hok,y age through college and trains and challenges them to photograph, document, and upload certain cultural situgkir from practitioners, including their grandparents and neighbors, into the open library.


To date, there are more than contributors from across the country who have contributed more than 15, data entries, more than 10, edits and more than a million web visits. Computational Economics 14 Hokky also provides prizes as an incentive to the contributors in accordance to the amount of data uploaded.

The appropriation of Indonesian cultural heritage is likely to continue because public participation in the collection and use of traditional knowledge, especially among younger generations, is low and sporadic.

Hokky Situngkir – Google Scholar Citations

When Hokky graduated from college, he was not satisfied with his well-earned diploma. These are citations from works listed in RePEc that could be analyzed mechanically. He also partners with corporations to channel their corporate social responsibility funds to the campaign efforts and invites portal owners to invite participation.

Similarly, a small Balinese jewelry maker was arrested for copyright infringement over a ring of his own design that had been registered by a buyer in a European country.

No protections were developed for traditional Indonesian cultural practitioners, resulting in external claims on Indonesian cultural heritage.

He helped them collect the data and based on the analysis they developed the winning strategy. Hokky therefore set up a new division of the Tiang Bendera Humanity Social Institute at the Student Union where humanity was the common platform for students of different ideologies to act together.

Hokky Situngkir – Scientist.