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TODO: Update locations for all platforms based on Re: Emergency save could need testing. When Inkscape crashes, it tries to save the. As soon as I try to export the attached SVG to PDF, inkscape crashes with the following message: inkscape. Hello,. I need help. As I specified in the subject, Inkscape crashes when I try to save my work with “Save as” or “Save a copy “. In the Following.

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If docs needed, set a value. Attachments Terms of Use Add an attachment proposed patch, testcase, etc. Inkscape crashes Expected results: Emergency save document locations: Inkscape will close now.

Bug # “Inkcape crashes when saving large files as pdf form” : Bugs : Inkscape

If you can reproduce this crash, please file a bug at www. Aborted core dumped Comment 1 Toon Verstraelen I initially stumbled on it because some of my files would crash Inkscape when opening.


They all had text objects. The problem seems to be the line break in a regular text object. The “flow text” in Inkscape is not affected though.

And apparently the bug cannot be reproduced in current versions for Windows or other distros. Changing my LANG settings. Cut and pasting the text rather than entering it.

Manually modifying the text in the auto-saved file to add a newline. All still crashea – 3 crashes on opening the file. Aborted core dumped Comment 5 Euan de Kock This is probably not an Inkscape bug, but a bug introduced with fedora Some Inkscape dependency triggers this. And I use Inkscape a lot Also noticed it crashes in the same fashion on pre-F28 documents with text inside if I just select a mere rectangle, and try to shift the thickness unit from mm to px, for instance.

Doesn’t do it if I create a new document without text, and do the same unit thing to a rectangle object. Something seems to be wrong in whdn with fonts. Pasting text containing a newline doesn’t work: Inkscape crashes right from the moment you paste text. On already existing documents, copying a tex object including a newline, then pasting it, also makes Inkscape crash.

As said above, it also crashes if I try to switch the thickness unit from a rectangle from mm to px. I noticed it only does it on pre-F28 documents, but not on new ones, though.

It’s quite annoying as it makes Inkscape totally unusable to inkscap. And it only gets worse because of the crash analysis tool ABRT which also is completely botched up and maxes CPU for a few seconds before puking tons of selinux alerts though it’s a completely separate problem.

Since libqalculate had a similar problem, is it that Fedora enabled some extra range checks?


Would be an option to just compile without that extra hardening apart from ideological concerns? The snap version 0.

Bug # “inkscape crashes when saving as pdf, no error show” : Bugs : Inkscape

This might serve as a temporary workaround. The versions available in Snap and in Flatpak both work, so this is clearly an issue with the RPM version. I will get this out today. If problems still persist, please make note of it in this bug report. You can provide feedback for this update here: To recreate it follow the steps below: Open a new Inkscape Document.

Inkscape crashes on export SVG => PDF

Press F8 to select the text tool, and create a new text box 3: Fill the box with a single newline 4: Using the cursor keys press the UP arrow to navigate to the top row 5: The error reported now is: Type some multiline text; 3.

Try to highlight some text with mouse; And here is error text. I run into this error on my laptop with AMD Radeon using default driver, but not on my desktop with Nvidia using Nvidia driver. Ok, I take that back, the error exists on both systems. This keeps me from working with Inkscape! It does not happen with flatpak, but the problem with the flatpak etc packages is that they often are not completely working e.

It would be nice if it would be easier if there were at least instructions on how to compile inkscape the same way that Fedora compiles it with GVFS support.