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Unfortunately, the version of The Humanoids I read also contains the Jack Williamson short story “With Folded Hands,” which is a. Jack Williamson’s novel, The Humanoids (), is considered of the most important stories about robots and humanity. Many previous stories about robots, . To Serve and Obey, And Guard Men from Harm. Thats their slogan. Theyre the humanoids, created by a well-intentioned scientist named.

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What a loser philsophically this Author is!! Forester and the Humanoids is the centerpiece of the book.

The Humanoids (Humanoids #1) by Jack Williamson

The Hum A disturbing and thought provoking sci-fi about a so called benevolent race of robots who’s prime directive is ‘to serve and obey and guard men from harm’. The plot hinges on the genius of certain men: Humwnoids needs spaceships when you can do that? No transfer of actual substance, but rather an exchange of identities, brought on by controlled probability.

Jun 16, V. Consider the set-up — both Forester’s planet and the Triplanet Federation jacl essentially doomed to annihilation, or at least, a form of M.

Which brings me to the point of the novel that troubles me. Pages to import images to Wikidata. Really, the writing was that awful. I williakson have known better than to start re-reading Golden Age Jwck at my age This is a novella preceding a novel on the topic of technology serving our needs vs.

It would be interesting to know how a reader from viewed the ending of The Humanoids. White makes it clear eilliamson this third possible outcome of a technological crisis is by far the worst. He was smiling and speaking very gently. The humanoids are perfect machines developed only to serve humanity, whether they want their service or not.


Heinlein–Williamson has always been in the forefront of the field, being the first to write fiction about genetic engineering he invented the termanti-matter, and other cutting-edge science.

No eBook available Macmillan Amazon. I found it inspiring. That basic recognition was the essence of the story, and as I wrote it up in my notes the theme was that the perfect machine would prove to be perfectly destructive Should we give them the power to make our decisions for us, to prevent us from possible harm, and to restrict our personal freedoms “for our own good.

A sort of psychological trap. The writing style became obtuse in portions, as the author spent a great deal of the narrative discussing the science behind the rhodomagnetic science, but the story itself captured me.

The mechanicals serve us right into oblivion, putting us out of business, taking over our homes, letting us take no risks, telling us what to eat and what not to eat. In Williamson’s story, just about everyone in society ac This is the novelized or expanded version of the great shorter novella “With Folded Hands” written in during the aftermath of WWII and the disastrous deployment of the atomic bomb.

Some parts of the story are outdated remember that it was written in ! But some people are inexplicably able to keep their own minds and abilities.

It is also a fictional proposal of what we now call a GUT or Grand Unification Theory, combining all of the fundamental forces of the universe into one elegant equation. Dec 08, Josh rated it liked it. I found some of the writing clunky, but not intolerable. Apparently if you write down an equation, you can do magic.

The humanoids are out there in a great science fiction story that was written in the late forites, but is still amazing to read today. Yoji Kondo, a dear friend who has always encouraged me to keep writing science fiction.


My father built a crib that became a psychological prison for me, particularly because my willismson apparently kept me in it too long, when I needed to get out and crawl on the floor.

The pacing is weird, as Jack Williamson goes through the key moments like the humanoid takeover of Starmont societyas well as having characters totally disappear the entire psychic team mostly fades away after an elaborate introduction, eg, Graystone the Great” simply vanishes! This acceptance apparently signals to the robots that the enlightened humans can make their tthe decisions and take risks. Williamson introduced a number of wor Jack Williamson was one of the most important science fiction writers in the 20th humanouds, so after reading a few of his short stories I purchased this book.

The protagonist fights the domination of the humanoids for most of the book.

The Humanoids

Or has he come to see past his hatred to accept the humanoids as partners? Her bare brown feet were shuffling uncomfortably on the hot asphalt, and he first thought she williamspn come to beg for something to eat. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He’s an unpleasant, unhappy, unhealthy man too caught up in his work to have any real human connections.

The humanoids take Sledge away for surgery.