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CONTENIDO: Las peculiaridades del juicio de constitucionalidad de la ley en materia de derechos y libertades – La constitución procedimental – La constitución. Justicia constitucional y democracia. Front Cover. Víctor Ferreres Comella. Centro de Estudios Políticos y Constitucionales, – Constitutional courts – Justicia constitucional y democracia. VF Comella. Centro de estudios políticos y constitucionales, , Constitutional courts and democratic values.

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Verified email at upf. Your email address will not be published. Is there an article or book that influenced you as a law student and that continues today to be an important reference point for you?

Ferreres Comella, Víctor

Published on March 24, Author: Please send submissions to contact. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. His full bio follows below: The Spanish Constitutional Court: However, I do not write every day. I always have a document, however, where I register the main ideas as I go on with my research. My discussion covers arbitration in private law, in the field of investment law, and in the domain of public international law.


After offering a theory to justify the authority of the Constitution over ordinary laws, the book proceeds to explain the basic principles of the Spanish political regime, as well as the structure of its complex legal system.

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El principio de taxatividad en materia penal y el valor normativo de la jurisprudencia: Goal-setting in an era of mass extinction: New articles related to this author’s research. I normally have a book project to work on, and I try not to be distracted with too many commitments to write on other topics.

Tell us about something you are working on right now. I also like to keep notes of all the important books and articles that are relevant.

Email address for updates. March 25, at We will periodically invite a public law scholar to answer five questions about his or her research. European Constitutional Law Review 10 3, Catalonia, Spain, Europe, and Latin America: There is still a lot of interdisciplinary work comstitucional needs to be done in this area, especially in order to better understand the forms of democracy in our present and future world.


The Constitution in Private Relations: It first explains the process of transition from Franco’s dictatorship to democracy, in order to understand the historical circumstances under which the Constitution was framed.

What is so special about constitutional rights in private litigation?

Justicia constitucional y democracia – Víctor Ferreres Comella – Google Books

I wrote my doctoral dissertation at Yale Law School on the potential tension between judicial review and democracy. Project Page Feedback Known Problems.

All submissions will be reviewed in a timely fashion. International Journal of Constitutional Law 2 3, A specific chapter is devoted to the territorial constitucjonal of power between the State, the regions and local government. Judicial review of legislation in a parliamentary democracy: La relevancia del derecho: El principio de taxatividad en materia penal y el valor normativo de la jurisprudencia: Biappichelli Publisher, ,