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Laxmi Narayana Hrudaya Stotram in Telugu. Title: Laxmi Narayana Hrudaya Stotram in Telugu; Posted by: OM Shivam; Date: AM; Labels: Hrudaya. A program that features the rendering of a hymn called ‘Lakshmi Hrudayam’, which praises Goddess More Show More. Tags. Stotras and Slokas – Stotras in Devanaagarii, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Roman. (Comprises of Lakshmii Hrudayam and Naaraayana Hrudayam). Bhargava.

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Kumaara Varadaachaarya Desika Stotramaalaa. Srii Kaatandeti Andavan Andavan Ashramam.

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Hrudayam – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

I am a very great sinner and you the top among the merciful, And in all the three worlds none deserves your mercy more rhudayam me. Aachaarya Vimshati a stotram on Swami Desikan. Aadivanshatakopa Yatiindra Mahaadeshikan mangalam. Alakshmim harathu lshipram thamas sooryas prabha yadha, Vithanothu mamasreyas thwath kala mayi samsthithaa. Who are the basic axis of the world, sitting on the tortoise, Which leads to endless pleasures and are located on a lotus, Which has a main petal which is like the goad over the, Pericarp of the lotus sitting on it like Mount Meru.

Kouseya peetha vasana maravinda nethram, Padma dwayabhya varodhyatha padma hastham, Udhyach sankha sadrusaam paramanga samstham, Dhyayed vidheesanath pada yugaam janithrim. Oh Lakshmi who causes the luck to rise, who lives every where, Be pleased with me, Oh Mahalakshmi who fulfills all my wishes.

Laxmi Narayana Hrudaya Stotram in Telugu – Zee Telugu Omkaram

Srii Naaraayanayatiindra Mahaadeshikan Ahobila Matam. Siitaa Ashtottara Shata Naamaavali. Uthishta Jagruhi mayee samuthishta sujagruhi, Akshayyan hema kalasan suvarnena supoorithaan.

Paying head to Sitamma, Lord Rama, leaves the bird from annihilating the birdbut partly punishing the bird by hurting its eye. Swamy quotes a number of instances where Amma showers her maternal compassion and affection even to thosewho wrong in their doings thus attracting the ire of the Lord SriHari. Who is the destroyer of ignorance, Who is above the three fold characters, Be pleased and become my eyes of wisdom. Brhama rudhradhayo deva vedaschapi na saknuyu, Mahimanam thava sthothum mandoham saknuyam kadham.


Bhrugu vare thadha rather poojayeth pusthaka dhwayam, Sarvadha sarvadha sthuthyam gopayethg sadhayeth sudhee, Gopanaath sadhanaa loke dhanyo bhavathi thathwatha. It was during the time when Lord Rama was enjoying a siesta with AmmaSita, when the crow comes and repeatedly prods Amma in her bosom.

For More Photos Click Here. Do not forsake me oh Golden climbing plant of heaven, Who is wish giving tree and wish gem to her devotees, Do not leave me out and become pleased with me, And to my wife and to my children at home.

Srii Sriishaila Raamabhadraacharya Andavan Ashramam. Log in Request account. One such incident was in Ramayana. Thavath nnithyam mamangeshu ksheerabhdou Sri kala vaseth, Soorya chandra masou yavath thavath Lakshmi pathi sriyou. Manthra Chant Sri Lakshmi kamala dharinyai Simha vahinyai swaha.

Jayathu jayathu ramya Rathna garbhantharastha, Jayathu jayathu Shudha shudha Jamboona dhabha, Jayathu jayathu Kanthaa kanthi mad bhasithangi, Jayathu jayathu santhaa Seegram aagascha soumye. Rise up,wake up, become alert and with pure intentions, Bring the perennial golden pot filled with gold, From the bowels of tleugu outside, And present them to me with extreme pleasure.

Sriiranganaatha Lashmi Sahasram Comprises of 32 Paddhatis. Jayathu jayathu lakshmir lakshanalankruthangi, Jayathu jayathu Padmaa padma sadmabhi vandhyaa, Jayathu jayathu Vidhyaa Vishnu vamanaga samstha, Jayathu jayathu samyak sarva sampathkara sri.


Paadukaa Sahasra Agramanimaalaa Stotram. Please Login to comment.

Shanthyai namosthu saranagatha rakshanayai, Kanthyai namosthu, kamaneeya gunasrayai, Kshanthyai namosthu duritha kshaya karanayai, Dhathryai namosthu dhana dhanya samrudwidhayai. Hastha dwayena kamala dharayanthim swaleelaya, Hara noopura samyuktham Maha lakshmim vichintheyeth. Like the dust particles in the rain drops are beyond counting, I too am the abode of faults without even a sinle good quality.


Nrisimha Stuti Prahlaada Stuti. Vande Lakshmim para siva mayeem Shuddha Jamboona dhaabhaam, Thejo ropaam kanaka vasanaam sarva bhooshojwalangeem, Bheejaapooraam kanaka kalasam hema padmam dhadhaanaam, Aadhyam shakthim sakala jananim sarva mangalya yuktham. Irudiyin Shurudi Charama Slokam. Asks Swamy This boils down to the question What it is to be Rich. Aadivanshatakopa Yatiindra Mahaadeshikan adaikkalappattu. Sriimad Venkatanaatha Guru Stotram.

Oh Goddess Lakshmi, please give me again and again, The Lord ship of earth, I being the best among men, And also ever lasting glory, The possession of different wealths, Total fame and enjoyment of pleasures for many years. Agramanimaalaa Stotram Sri Lakshmii Sahasram. Tale of Ravana It is a widely accepted belief that Ravana abducted Sitamma.

Goddess Lakshmi brings about this trait in Lord Narayana. Vedaanta Desika Ashtottarashata Naamaavali. Yadha hi puthra vathsalyath Janani prasnutha sthani, Vathsam thwaritham aagathya sampreenayathi vathsala. You are my mother, father, teacher and the right path, You are the only cause of my living in this world, And Oh only Goddess of the world, I do not see any one else, And it is true that you are everything to me.

Hayagriiva Stotram Another Version from Shataduushanii. To the trlugu tired of committing sins, to the sinner, And to him who sees only sins everywhere, There are none except you to protect them in this world.