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Hoketus is a minimal composition by Louis Andriessen that premiered in The group that played during the premiere remained together to perform other. Louis Andriessen. Hoketus for mixed ensemble. Composition Information ↓; Description ↓; Appears On ↓. Share on. facebook · twitter · tumblr. Listening to Dutch composer Louis Andriessen’s Hoketus on my stereo could never convey the full flavor of this spatially designed piece, so I.

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Hoketus – Wikipedia

I saw one person start rhythmically bobbing in place — the steady, insistent beat was infectious, at least for the believers. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Andriessen then introduces another set of two somewhat brighter-sounding chords, which are run through the same gamut of changes and variations. Patterns phased and snapped into new perspectives kaleidoscopicalliy. An ensemble of similar instrumentation called Icebreaker was formed in YorkEngland inand continues to perform works from the Hoketus repertoire.

Speaking of lunchtime, the “audience” for this was partly intentional and partly, so to speak, accidental: Wall Street Goes in Hocket Topics.

A daunting prospect, but I knew which one I had to attend. Holtje is a Brooklyn-based poet and composer whose newest project is setting James Joyce’s Pomes Penyeach for singer anxriessen cello. Finally, the composer introduces rhythmic accents, which had been absent for the first part of the work, and eliminates the pauses, providing more opportunities for rhythmic manipulation.

Hoketus for mixed ensemble

There was definitely a section of the audience that came for this. It is all hypnotically spare and lucid.


The ensemble’s hokehus and overall artistic aesthetic was quite radical; it was made up of two equal groups of instruments two pianos, two Fender Rhodes electric pianostwo sets of panpipestwo saxophonestwo electric bass guitarsand two percussionists. These two chords are replaced a few times until finally a melody emerges; this is also divided up between the two groups of instruments.

Personal expression was not permitted; melodies could only be built through the interlocking of single notes or chords, played in alternation between the groups using the Medieval technique of hocket hence the group’s name. The audience, perhaps a couple hundred people, erupted into applause.

The rhythms then became much denser. Articles lacking sources from December All articles lacking sources. Hoketus considered itself a collective and set a number of rules for itself, rules so stringent that taken together they could be considered a manifesto. Instrumentation is two keyboardists, one flutist, one conga player, and one electric bassist on each side, but with no sustained notes except at one specific and brief point sounded like it was all tuned percussion.

Contemporary classical music ensembles Dutch musical groups Musical groups established in establishments in the Netherlands. For the musical effect, see hocket. Workers Union De Materie Hoketus begins with two nearly identical chords separated by pauses, and with each chord played only by one of the two groups. As soon as the performance kicked off, the location abdriessen a special effect on it: This article does not cite any sources.

Louis Andriessen ‘s Hoketus is one of the few works in the literature that manage to be irritating and completely fascinating at the same time. The texture was sparse at first; more beats accreted, and soon the music became denser, but the spatial separation keeps it from being solid. Then a new pattern kicked in, and for a little while the piece seemed to reverse its development in a very condensed way until a rousing but abrupt climax ended andriesseb piece.


AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes.

These machinations may seem cold and sterile from a schematic description, but even as it annoys, Hoketus commands attention. Retrieved from ” https: By this point, most of the people on the stock exchange side had been driven away; we were down to true believers or at least immediate converts and pedestrians by the time Andriessen’s score progressed to dense chords.

At this point, the music has been going nonstop for so long that it is actually stunning when Andriessen introduces a pause, just before the music’s final elaboration, which crescendos into one last solid chord.

The group disbanded in Bang on a Can Plays Louis Andriessen. The group was originally formed to perform Louis Andriessen’s minimal composition Hoketusbut remained together and began to perform music composed for the group by other composers many of whom came from within the group’s ranks.