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As for Mainline Modeler, you can pretty much kiss that subscription “Last month in TKM I mentioned the discontinuance of Mainline Modeler. I am in the process of digitizing all of my copies of Mainline Modeler. However I do not have a complete set. I am willing to trade one of my. And lastly, Mainline Modeler was a premium magazine (IMHO). A chance to get them all with all of the drawings, articles and yes, the ads in a.

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I understand that the publisher has sold one of his other magazines. Posted by MAbruce on Friday, November 17, A missed out 20 or thirty bucks worth of magazines one will never get? If I ever met a train I didn’t like, I can’t remember when it happened! The demise of Mainline Modeler is a real tragedy. I am in the process of digitizing all of my copies of Mainline Modeler.

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DVD archives are great. That, to me, is outrageous. I was all excited until I saw the price. Works can belong to modleer than one series. I am very disappointed in Robert Hundman’s actions in this matter.

Now I go to mainlinemodeler.

Data DVD: Mainline Modeler Complete Collection

I think and here is the reason for keeping meticlulous records I lost at least a years subscription to each of these magazines. Nicholas Muff who has been a prolific contributer to Mainline for several years. Posted by darday on Friday, February 02, 8: Member since June, From: I’ll do some checking on the other forum to see if anyone knows more details. Class action suit for What???? The internet is turning the information disemination business on its head.


So will any more of the remaining flags fall? I will also return to you a digitized copy of the issue you provide. Would there be any problem with copyright infringement for these digitized copies?

Unless MM is organized as a separate corporation, Hundman Publishing can probably be held liable for the unfulfilled subscriptions. The photos were frequently out of register and blurry. For now, avoid forcing the issue with mere “lists” of works possessing an arbitrary shared characteristic, such as relating to a particular place.

Secondly, to fund your purchase, sell your old magazines or anything else in your collection that you no longer want or need. Posted by Railphotog on Friday, November 17, 6: Something the Panasonic Toughbooks they replaced had both of.

Digitized Copies MainLine Modeler

I do see Railroad Historical Society magazines have been on the rise over recent years. I have received no indication that MM is in bankruptcy, only that some attempt was being made to find a buyer. Mainline Modeler’s publisher doesn’t offer anything similar Series was designed to cover groups of books generally understood as such see Wikipedia: Many are turning to the internet as source 1 for their information, and on the web people expect that information to largely be free.

As someone said in another thread on this forum, is Mainline Modeler “circling the drain?

I have twice called and spoken with someone at Hundman Publishing about my unfulfilled subscription. The time now is I’ve only purchased Mainline Modeler if there was something I was interested in reading about.

I was also able to mainllne copy the entire DVD to my hard drive — for my personal use only! I also subscribe to RailModel Journal which is slipping in punctuality, and Railroad Model Craftsman which has always been dependable. Little Rock posts.


Given their ability to control the outcome, the secured creditors are often the only people who see any money out of a bankruptcy proceeding. Reading directly off the DVD was quite slow… Share this: I signed up for a year, hope I’m not out money! There’s a lot of them! Member since March, From: I takes me from four to six hours per copy to prepare, edit and stitch fold-out and inserted pages. What do people think of Model Railroad News? My wife was in one of those – a “book club” deal she had trouble getting out of she thought she was buying one book, but they kept sending and billing – took several letters and returned books before they stopped, by then she had “bought” 3 more books she didn’t want.

How many issues of MR and Trains can usually fit in one of those Ikea holders? As I understand it the potential purchaser of the magazine backed out because Marse Robert had copyrighted a lot of material to Hundman Publishing and did not consider that copyrighted material to be part of the sale.

The implication is they cover class 1 railroads and the corresponding larger layouts needed to faithfully model said railroads. Posted by maandg on Friday, November 17, 4: Ths optical drives are on their was out, to be sure.